Our Board

Our Board



Walter Cabel

Fernando Orellana

Carmen Cabel

Patricia Balladares

Alfonso Tamayo

Johnny Balladares

Esther Pickmans

Hector Herrera

Martha Guerra

Our Ambassadors

Pensando En Ellos would not be able to function successfully without people who share the same passion for helping the underprivileged. For this reason, we have established a network of Thinking of them Ambassadors around the world.

Alfredo DiNatale, has consistently supported and worked with us. He has managed to give the children in Trujillo a Christmas every year. He is our spokesperson for our main event, Concurso y Congreso de Marinera held in November.

SOL TV, is a TV network located in the heart of Trujillo. They have come to the United States to broadcast our main event and transmitted live so that the local viewers of Peru can enjoy our dance competition. Yearly they partner with us on our local distributions done in Peru of our donations that have been collected throughout the year.

Fray Masias is a local school in Peru that is dedicated to working with kids that have special needs such as down syndrome. Their director Mercedes Villalobos has traveled from Peru to Virginia with her group that dance Marinera. They add joy and happiness to our event, they show us their is no limit to dancing.

Dayan Aldana, La Reina del Tondero: Dayan is a Peruvian native born in Chiclayo, she graces us with her wonderful voice in all of our events and is the official MC for Pensando En Ellos functions including the yearly competition held in November.

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